Volume 18 2012

Vol 18 No 1

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Effects of a small addition of Mn on modifying the coating thickness, structure and corrosion resistance of hot-dip galvanized coatings
A. Bakhtiari
Mathematical Modeling for 34CrMo4 steel during Hot Compression
S.V. Sajadifar, M. Ketabch, and M. Nourani
Evolution of plastic strains in dissimilar weld of stainless steel to carbon steel
Eslam Ranjbarnodeh, Mehdi Farajpour
Preparation of core foamed Al panels
Varužan Kevorkijan, Uroš Kovačec, Irena Paulin, Srečo Davor Škapin, Monika Jenko
Effect of preweld surface modification using friction stir processing of in738 superalloy on the liquation cracking of autogenous laser welds
Seyed Mostafa Mousavizade, Farshid Malek Ghaini
Thermal and Mechanical Properties of High Alumina Low Cement Castable
S. Martinovic, M. Vlahovic, J. Majstorovic, B. Matovic, T. Volkov-Husovic
Simultaneous recovery of total iron and titanium from ilmenite ore by hdrometallurgical processing
Alafara A. Baba, Folahan A. Adekola, Olayide A. Arodola, Lateef Ibrahim, Rafiu B.Bale, Malay K. Ghosh, Abdul R. Sheik

Vol 18 No 2

Unsteady state computer simulation of 2 chromium steel at 925°c as austenitizing temperature to determine LHP
Abdlmanam S. A. Elmaryami, Haji Badrul Bin Omar
Comparative study on the corrosion resistance of Zn-0.2 Pb and Zn-0.5 Sb galvanized coatings
A. Bakhtiari, H.R. Asgari
Effect of heating rate on the partial transient liquid phase diffusion bonded Al/Mg2Si metal matrix composite and magnesium alloy (AZ91D) couple
M. Mazar Atabaki, A.H. Meisami
An industrial thermogravimetric/differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA) for measuring humidity and organic content in incoming aluminium scrap
Varužan Kevorkijan, Sreco Davor Škapin, Urban Došler
Electrowinning of nickel powder from glycerol and ammonical medium -study of morphology and nano-nature of the powder
S.G. Viswanath, Sajimol George
Bioactive coating on Ti-6Al-4V and stainless steel 316 L-A comparison
Sajjad Jafari, Mehdi Mazar Atabaki, Jamaliah Idris
Physico-chemical characterization of archaeometallurgical findings from two localities near Bor (Serbia)
Dragana Živković, Nada Štrbac, Miroslav Sokić, Velibor Andrić, Branka Andjelić, Igor Jovanović, Marija Jovičić, Dušica Nikolić

Vol 18 No 3

The morphology of ductile cast iron surface damaged by cavitation
Marina Dojcinovic, Olivera Eric, Dragan Rajnovic, Leposava Sidjanin, Sebastijan Baloš
Transient liquid phase diffusion bonding of stainless steel 304 using copper and aluminium filler interlayers
M. Mazar Atabaki, J. Noor Wati, J. Bte Idris
Prediction of GMAW droplet temperature using finite element method and comparison with semi-empirical model
Eslam Ranjbarnodeh, Majid Pouranvari, Alireza Rahimnejad
Protection mechanisms for blast furnace crucible using titanium oxides
J.Mochón, M.J.Quintana, I.Ruiz-Bustinza, R.González, E.Marinas, M.A.Barbés, L.F.Verdeja
Determination LHP of axisymmetric transient Molybdenum steel-4037H quenched in sea water by developing 1-d mathematical model
Abdlmanam S. A. Elmaryami, Badrul Omar
Corrosion of steels induced by microorganisms
Biljana S. Maluckov
Corrosion of archaeological artefact made of forged iron
Bore Jegdić, Suzana Polić-Radovanović, Slavica Ristić, Ana Alil

Vol 18 No 4

Special Issue dedicated to Prof. Dr. Borivoje Mišković

Prof. Dr. Borivoje Mišković-Biography  
The Inhibitive effect of ethanolamine on corrosion behavior of aluminium in NaCl solution saturated with CO2
Ivana Jevremovic, Vesna Miškovic-Stankovic
Processing and properties of silver-metal oxide electrical contact materials
Nadežda Talijan, Vladan Cosovic, Aleksandar Cosovic, Dragana Živkovic
Understanding plasma spraying process and characteristics of DC-arc plasma gun (PJ-100)
Jovana Ružic, Miroljub Vilotijevic, Dušan Božic, Karlo Raic
Stainless steel in contact with food and bevarage
Sveto Cvetkovski
The role of ain precipitates in the development of a strong (111) texture on subsequent cold rolling and annealing of Al-stabilized steel
Višeslava Rajkovic, Milan Jovanovic, Djordje Drobnjak
The non-destructive prediction of the aluminium content in pressed skulls of aluminium dross
Varužan Kevorkijan, Sreco Davor Škapin, Uroš Kovacec
Conceptual design for treatment of mining and metallurgical wastewaters which contains arsenic and antimony
Željko Kamberovic, Marija Korac, Zoran Andic, Marija Štulovic, Tihomir Kovacevic, Aleksandar Vujovic, Ilija Ilic

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